Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Literary Refugees: the Speculative Fiction Haven

Sorry for the quiet... it's been BUSY.

Life goes on, as it does for most of us. In recent news, I have discovered a wonderful group on Facebook called the Literary Refugees: the Speculative Fiction Haven.

And let me tell you... (yes, I did start my sentence with a conjunction. I'm a writer, I can break the rules.) I am BEYOND glad that I did.

Writers... well, creators in general don't get the best support. Especially if you're just starting out. (Like me!) It's extremely hard to feel like you're doing something worthwhile, especially if no one else seems to think what you're working on is anything special. Many artists (doesn't matter your craft) have fallen victim to an indifferent audience of their peers and family. I mean, I think we can all agree that we've had the "Get a real job" talk, right?

I. Feel. You.

However, I thankfully found this awesome literary society, filled with brilliant people who LOVE to do what I love to do! There is no better feeling in this world than feeling as though you finally fit in somewhere.

So, to my co-members of the Spec. Fic. Haven, thank you. It's been real.

Jaquelyn Mace

By the way, check out teefury.com for another awesome shirt! Today it is a Clash of the Titans tee! I enjoyed it, really. It drew a giggle.
Have an amazing day.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


It's a Two Teefury day!!! You guys have to go and vote/buy your favorite shirt!! What are the two you might ask?
Fanboy vs. Fangirl!! 
The designs aren't exactly my favorite, they are a bit plain! But the concept of it is AWESOME!! 
Funny story, I finally got my sister to watch Sherlock. It didn't end well, but when DOES it? The next time I saw her she was crying her eyes out. 
Poor girl hasn't even SLEPT. 
Oh you horrible Feels... Making us angst. But season 3 will (finally) be here in November (January I think it was for the U.S.)!! And of course you have the Doctor Who 50th in November as well. And as a Christmas present from the BBC, they will have Matt Smith regenerate for the Christmas special... Ouch. Does Moffat just sit around thinking about ways to make us suffer?? 


Much Love-
Jaquelyn Mace

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Too Much Nerd, Not Enough Shirt!

Teefury.com has done it again! The tee today is AWESOME. It's a combination of Alien, Portal, and Stargate! For all of you science fiction fans, this shirt is DEFINITELY for you!

Update on my wisdom teeth: I look like a flipping chipmunk. Other than that I am doing just fine. I'm on a steady diet of various jellos and puddings and haven't slept hardly at all in the past 48 hours.

Which gives me so much more time to Pinterest nerdy things... (haha!)

Season 7 of Doctor Who is coming along, but I'm not ready for all the heart-wrenching feels at the end.

Funny story, I started with episode one of season seven when I was barely coming out of the "loopy stages" of getting my teeth out. (SPOILERS!) When feeble-minded me processed that Amy and Rory were getting a divorce I started sobbing like a maniac. My poor dad didn't know what to do with me!

Oh, dear... this is my life now isn't it? Sobbing incoherently at Doctor Who episodes...

*sigh* This is the life.

Jaquelyn Mace

Friday, July 12, 2013

Wisdom Teeth... Ugh

Ugh. Yeah guys I got my wisdom teeth out this morning. 


Yeah I'm not exactly in all here right now, I'm pretty drugged up. Buy that's okay because I got myself taken care of!


Yup! Season 7 of Doctor Who and the entire series of Sherlock! So happy right now! 

I'll probably be missing for a day or two while I am in my "cave" watching these! 

But here's a question for you guys! Favorite DW or Sherlock episode!! Go!! 

Jaquelyn Mace

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tee Shirts for EVERYBODY!

Fans of The X-Files, this one is for YOU! There is a new TeeFury up today!! Take a look at this AWESOME X-Files tee that looks like it just stepped out of a comic!

I have one of these except it's of BBC Sherlock and it looks and feels great!! Go get yours NOW!

Just a short one today, I'm behind on... Well, everything!! Haha!

Happy Nerding!!

Jaquelyn Mace

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


So I've recently seen a question roaming about in the dark holes of Tumblr and Pinterest, and I just had to share it with you guys because the answer is just so funny!

The question was, "How do I kill myself without dying?"

The reply? "Join a fandom."

Haha! I laughed until my sides hurt but then I cried... because it's too true. Way too true.

And this is what I get for being a SuperWhoLock fan... *sigh*.

Just a small post for you guys, thought I'd give a laugh. If you didn't laugh... well, then this is awkward. *cough*

Jaquelyn Mace

The Baker Street Babes

Alright, all of you Sherlock fans need to high tail it over to Facebook and like the page, "The Baker Street Babes". It's an all female podcast group who make it a point to only post up-to-date information on the series.


These lovely ladies are fantastic! They post witty and fun information, with a contest to win a prize here and there! In fact, they just gave away a SIGNED script of "A Scandal in Belgravia"! (Cue fangirl squeal!)

It was signed by Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes), Martin Freeman (John Watson), Andrew Scott (Jim Moriarty), Steven Moffat (writer/creator/heartbreaker), and Mark Gatiss (writer/creator/Mycroft Holmes). Man, what I would NOT do to get that thing!! *sigh*

I go to the Babes for all of my Sherlock information. They are definitely worth your time, so go like them on Facebook!


OR you can go straight to their website! Click it! http://bakerstreetbabes.com/

Jaquelyn Mace

Tee Fury!

Alright, so there's a new Tee Fury tonight!!

If you are looking for cheap, awesome, amazing, terrific, nerdy tees you have come to the right person! Go to teefury.com and empty your wallet because once you start you won't want to stop! (Trust me...)

Every day, at 9 o' clock p.m., the lovely folks at Tee Fury will put up a new tee-shirt for sale! Every shirt is $14.00, including shipping and handling, and they are AMAZING. These tees are NOT the cruddy, last a couple of weeks tees! I have loads (way more than I should) and I have been completely happy with each shirt! I've had some for years and I STILL wear them!

There's a catch though... these tees are only for sale for 24 hours! Then, THEY ARE GONE!! They might be in the After Hours category, but not for long... and they are a little more expensive there! So if you like it, BUY IT!

Tonight, they have TWO up for sale! (Wee!! Less money to spend on food and... things I need to survive... ugh.) One is called "Sugar and Splice", a mash-up between The Powerpuff Girls and Bioshock! The other is called "Forest Spirit Protector",  a Princess Mononoke Manga tee!

In After Hours, they have a "Who-vios" tee for the Doctor Who fans! I am so guilty of buying this shirt... I love it! But hurry!! After Hours ends in about 5 hours!

Hope you enjoy!

Jaquelyn Mace

No Thread to Tiny to Pull....

Ah, the Sherlockians.
Yes, my friends, draw your attention over here! With season 3 taking its sweet time getting here, we have been driven completely and utterly INSANE. In fact, there are those of us... oh who am I kidding? ALL of us have watched those precious six episodes over and over and OVER again! Analyzing EVERYTHING. And I mean E-VER-Y-THING! Some of these theories are crazy and so thought out!
I have seen one theory about The Fall that I am able to put my money on, or at least I found it interesting. This particular Sherlockian has pulled threads more than I have seen anyone before! It's crazy!  If you're looking for a good read, take a look at this article! It's amazing!

Definitely worth your time. Go on, click it! http://finalproblem.tumblr.com/post/16962160223/loose-threads
Spoiler alert! If you haven't seen The Reichenbach Fall yet, DO NOT READ. Unless you want to be confused out of your mind!


Jaquelyn Mace

We're Back!

Alright, so most of my followers will probably look at my blog and say, "Whaaa??" because I have changed EVERTYTHING! And I mean everything! The blog has been revamped!
I invite all of you to take a gander at the tags above, where most of the basic questions you most likely have will be answered! My pen name is Jaquelyn Mace, Jaq for short. I'm a novelist and amateur blogger. (Oh, and a Doctor Who enthusiast on the side...)
On this blog you'll mostly read about my rants and raves on the happenings in the Nerdiverse. Particularly my thoughts on movies, books, and television series... I mean, who could ask for a better job than that? I could be a BBC critic... yup, I would die happy...
Yeah... focusing.
If you want me to talk about a certain topic on the blog please send me an e-mail (address above) and I will get back to you as soon as I can! (Note: not everything will make it onto the blog, but I sure can try!)
You'll see everything from Pinterest to Tumblr (oh Tumblr you cold mistress, I wish I could quit you!) on here. If it's nerdy, it'll probably pop up! OTPs, ships, canons, the whole deal. If YOU think it should, e-mail me!
And what would be a geek blog without feels?
Yes... yes, there will be many of those. *cough* Reichenbach Fall *cough* Moffat *cough*
I hope you all will enjoy! Leave any questions or comments below!

Jaquelyn Mace